Company Profile

We are a fine food importer, wholesaler and distributor, supplying quality products sourced from the best producers in Europe and other countries to fine dine and high end properties in Africa.

Our products are sourced and consolidated in Europe, USA and other countries and air freighted overnight to our central head office/ warehouses in Benin.

In 2007, we expanded our services and opened branch offices and warehousing in Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo as well, thus facilitating a better logistical service to cover all regions of West Africa.

Currently we service customers in all 16 commercial cities in 9 countries, with a very unique and extensive specialty food inventory. Our passion for fine foods is what has driven our company to become a leading specialty food supplier in the region—and growing every year.

Since 2006 the mission of our company has been to provide the consumer with the freshest, most comprehensive, and highest quality products through our distribution channels.

Products are air freighted weekly into Benin, enabling our customers to serve and sell the finest, freshest quality food, while ensuring minimum storage and better stock rotation. Our success is directly related to being able to supply Fresh produce, with very good quality, consistency and pricing.

Moving forward we have set up our own facility in Cotonou , first of its kind in West Africa a salmon processing (filleting and smoking) plant. The facility also houses a bonded warehouse to further facilitate 5star properties to avail their duty free privileges.

Presently we are supplying over a 300 properties across the country and within 9 countries in West African region, they include

  • Hotel Novotel Cotonou Orisha (Cotonou)
  • Riviera Royal Hotel ( Cotonou , Burkina Faso, Togo, )
  • The LIVINGSTONE Restaurant (Cotonou, , Udaipur )
  • Marriott (Burkina Faso, , Togo)
  • Benin Marina Hotel(Cotonou , )
  • The Park (Cotonou, , Togo)
  • Park Riviera Royal Hotel (, Togo)
  • Benin Marina Hotel (Cotonou)
  • Radisson Blu Hotel (, Burkina Faso)
  • Sheraton (Lagos, Abuja)
  • as well as many high end stand alone restaurants just to name a few...


Dynamic and Pro Active Attitude.


Dynamic and Pro Active Attitude.

James Kanacha Company

One of the best premium sea food provider in BENIN.